Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two new interviews and Fallon tomorrow night.

Consequence of Sound just published a two-page interview with Kevin Barnes in which you'll learn interesting facts about the songwriting process behind Paralytic Stalks, along with the usual stuff about the live show and how to earn a living as a musician these days.

To see what the stage set-up will look like, head over to facebook where Kevin posted a video teaser last Saturday.

Clash Music also published an article that mainly focuses on Sufjan Stevens's Age of Adz.

Most blogs and papers have published their reviews now, and not only is it way too hard to keep up with all of them but they typically aren't insightful or relevant (whether they are raving about the record or not).

Also, don't forget to tape of Montreal's performance on Fallon tomorrow night - we Europeans are relying on you to see how it went.


  1. Pitchfork's review seemed more like slander than an objective album review. It was pretty discouraging to see that.

  2. They don't need PK. Time Out NY just called Paralytic Stalks "Blindingly brilliant." And Spin, Rolling Stone, and NME love it, too. Maybe Larry is too old to be doing music reviews. He certainly missed the call on this one.