Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 20th show streaming online

You can say whatever you want, but Holland is one of the greatest countries on Earth! But obviously I am not referring to a kick-ass education system and progressive laws about gay marriage or drugs, or the fact that cops are incredibly friendly, or that you can actually find great vegan food on virtually every street corner, no, I am talking about the way they always film of Montreal shows. First we had fabchannel that provided us with two shows filmed at the Paradiso in Amsterdam (December 2007 and January 2009), now we have 3voor12! Click here to stream the entire performance!


  1. Wait, a kick-ass education system? I'm from Holland and as a university student, I think I missed something =p But it doesn't help that budget cuts are ruining any students chance of a good education. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoy the country haha. Too bad the False Priest show at the Melkweg in Amsterdam wasn't recorded... it was my first show. But it was nice to see this recording and to try and spot myself! =p

    1. Well, it is a great education system compared to most, and despite the recent changes due to the "economic crisis." Believe me, it IS way worse in other countries, including countries that are only a couple of hours to the south...
      Anyway, I actually was at that show at the Melkweg in 2010, it was a really good one. I also saw them at the Paradiso twice in recent years, but this time I had to work on Friday so no Dutch show this year.