Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kevin on Solange, new material

Head over to MTV Hive (just realised it was "Hive", not "Hype" like I always thought it was, unless there is indeed a MTV Hype, too...) to see what Kevin has to say about his collaboration with Solange, and what he's currently working on.

As previously reported, the track Kevin worked on with Solange is about to be released as the b-side to her new single, Losing You. (see trailer below)

Halfway through this Pittsburgh Post Gazette podcast, you'll hear Kevin answering questions about of Montreal's evolution throughout the years (if you listen closely, you get the feeling he's typing at the same time or something, multitasking might be the reason why we get an album every 18 months or so...). Nothing new there, but how often do you get the chance to listen to his voice on the radio?

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  1. Sleep In The Park feat. KB