Friday, October 26, 2012

Sails Hermaphroditic video

Pitchfork just premiered the video for Sails, Hermaphroditic. While it is one of the weakest track on Daughter of Cloud (yes, I am entitled to an opinion), this video actually makes it a lot more enjoyable. Thanks to Nina's direction and editing, there's action and color and some kind of storyline, and it actually features members of the band. What more could you possibly want? Here's what Kevin said about it :"Two rival gangs, the Sleep Rats and the Preppy Scuz, meet in a bull pasture in the deep south to compete in a football game. The game quickly devolves into a violent bloody rumble. Through out the game people occasionally lose themselves in a psychedelic sexual reverie. Eventually the battle is broken up by a gonzo performance by the legendary Newcastle hair-metal band Moat-er-Wilde." Watch it below and tell us what you think about it!


  1. I was just enjoying this song and it prompted me to visit this site! What a great collection of songs! Now I want to read the lyrics and production notes. I'm curious as to where these songs are from. Anyone know if the physical copy has that info? (and lyrics for dummies soon please!)

  2. You'll find the info you want in the liner notes of the CD/vinyl... As for the lyrics, I'm working on getting the official words from the horse's mouth.