Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert

Ever since hearing that of Montreal had stopped in NPR's offices back on December 12th for a Tiny Desk Concert, we'd been waiting for them to share the performance with us. It "only" took seven weeks for the session to appear on NPR's website... The good news is that there is a (the?) duet with Rebecca Cash and two unreleased songs that (possibly) pave the way for future recordings. The first one is "Imbecile Rages," which is somehow reminiscent of "There is Nothing Wrong With Hating Rock Critics" and the quite promising "Amphibian Days." Enjoy the session below.


  1. Have you heard through the grape-vine by chance when he is releasing these 'singles' I read about in recent interviews? "Triumph of Disintegration" and "Middle Child"? I need new oM!