Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fugitive Air video + Rolling Stone interview

The Huffington Post just premiered the video for Fugitive Air. The video manages to find the perfect spot where old oM meets new oM, it's got that seventies folk vibe but it's also got the makeup and the fake blood and the nudity and the video projections. Not bad at all.   

Yesterday Rolling Stone published the lengthiest interview of the new era so far. There isn't much that we didn't already know.

For those of you who don't check out TBP's facebook page or twitter account, you may not be aware that Lousy With Sylvianbriar has now officially become oM's most critically acclaimed record! I'm not the one saying it, Metacritic is.  It's probably got something to do with the fact that P4K finally decided to let it go and to review Elf Power's latest instead of Lousy With Sylvianbriar.