Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kevin and BP on Minnesota Public Radio

Kevin and BP did an interview and acoustic & piano session for Minnesota Public Radio, and it is available for streaming at their site:


(under "Audio" on the right side - thanks SpikyFred)

They perform "Trouble" (Lindsey Buckingham cover), "Feminine Effects," and "The Kids Are Alright" (The Who cover), and Kevin does say that "Feminine Effects" (prev. also known as "Something To Be Laughed At") will be appearing on the forthcoming of Montreal album, to be called "Skeletal Lamping", but no further details were given, although we are guessing it'll be an early 2008 release.


  1. Kev said Skeletal Lamping = October.

  2. Beeps gave us the scoop. First on the next record "Skeletal Lamping" they want to put an actual latern on the record sleave itself, that you can take off and hang on your ceiling and "see crazy shapes."

    He also said that Kev-kev wants to make a trilogy of records that would consist of 'Skeletal Lamping', 'The Controller Sphere', and 'False Priest'. and you can take that to the bank.