Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Tribute

We are proud to present Aluminum Plums, a 10th anniversary tribute to of Montreal. First, huge thanks to everyone who contributed a song. This is all about the love for Kevin's songs, and while it's nearly impossible to top of Montreal's definitive versions, we applaud all the people who tried to inject some of their own passion into these songs. You may have heard a few of these covers before, but we're proud to include them and all of the contributors' efforts in this package of love - we're just wrapping it up and putting a bow (or, er, some foil) on it for them.

Aluminum Plums

1. Jeff Maksym "Dustin Hoffman Offers Lame Explanation For Missing Bathtub"
2. A Candlelight Vigil "She's A Rejector"
3. Aisle Six "Vegan In Furs"
4. Elekibass "Springtime is The Season"
5. Becky Lovell and Dena Zilber "Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks"
6. Ben Hogan "Look At The Bell"
7. DMQ "Family Nouveau"
8. Sorry Stories "Autobiographical Grandpa"
9. Lesbian Afternoon "Disconnect the Dots"
10. Alex Madore "Jennifer Louise"
11. Emily Pike "City Bird"
12. Gay Harlequin "Kissing In The Grass"
13. Terrified Terrifics "Du Og Meg"
14. Dustin Hoffman Has Formed An of Montreal Cover Band "Kevin, I Wish You Were Born In Brazil"
15. Indie Blockedappella "Will You Come And Fetch Me?"
16. J&H "Requiem For O.M.M.2"
17. Vince Nicotra "Montreal"
18. Dena Zilber "Good Morning Me"
19. Manticore Am I "Charlie And Freddie"
20. Ketchup Fart "Landscape Mixdown"
21. Electronicollege "Cato As Pun"
22. Brandon Creath "Oslo In The Summertime"
23. Low Digital "Suffer For Fashion"
24. Prash "Chrissy Kiss The Corpse"
25. Casper And The Cookies "Penelope"

Thank You and Happy 10th Anniversary, of Montreal!

(in E6 time. Thanks everybody for your patience.)
We have FLAC and MP3 versions available. If you have a high-speed connection and plan on possibly burning this onto a CD, we strongly urge you to download the FLAC version, just convert it to Wav(PC) or Aiff(Mac) and burn, then convert into mp3s if you want. If you have Mac, you can convert with MacFlac, and on PC with Trader's Little Helper (just drag folder or flacs into the window and select "decode"). Since it's a whole album, we're sharing it that way. If you're struggling with a dial-up connection, let us know and maybe we'll offer individual mp3s in the future. Thanks again to all the contributors , and to of Montreal for being such a worthy inspiration.

Feel free to head over to Polyvinyl after downloading and go ahead and pick up that new of Montreal tour 7" or Big Oil reissue (or whatever else you don't have yet - they probably have it), and don't forget about the acoustic EP available from Sony Connect.

BTW, the band who did "Cato As A Pun" recently changed their name from Transcendence To Sigma to Electronicollege... and sorry we didn't catch the original message, "Suffer For Fashion" is by Low Digital, not Chadney, so tag both those tracks accordingly if you already downloaded.


  1. whoa! this is really awesome! thanks! i can't wait to listen. haha i my friend and i were going to start an of montreal cover band.

  2. "of of Montreal"? ;-) Good luck, Beluga, and let us know if you play any gigs!

  3. Hah this is really interesting, it sounds awesome aswell. wish i'd known about it though, i'd done a couple recordings for fun anyway.

  4. Some truly magnificent covers on here, especially Siah's and Caspers'. Everyone involved should feel very proud of themselves, it's a fantastic listen. I'd forgotten about it until I found my band's half-arsed attempt at Gronlandic earlier in the week.

    Congratulations all round, and of course big love to oM for all the good times so far. Long may it continue!

    Kudos to FP and the booty patrol for the hosting too. Have bigged it up on the Coercion Records website(s).


  5. the cover of 'Suffer For Fashion' credited to 'Chadney' (me) is actually by my band 'Low Digital'.
    thanks, Chadney

  6. Hey,

    This site and album is just about the most awesome thing I have ever found online. It restored my faith in the internet <3. Anyways, I deleted the album art before I could stick it onto the MP3s! :( Could you possibly link it or email me it back? jasmine 73012 (at) sans spaces. As an of Montreal freak myself I could also probably contribute something (maybe, if I have anything rare at all??) to your site. TY :D

  7. Will there be an Aluminum plums 2?

    I really want to do something for it this time...