Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More Downloads

We've added three concerts to our Downloads section: 11/6/99 Clinton, NY; 6/22/00 San Francisco, CA; and 1/21/07 San Antonio. We will most likely in the near future also offer last week's Halloween show, too! But for now, we have these three shows, plus - we are going to make the NY and SF shows available as Flac downloads. If you plan on burning these shows to CD, we highly, highly recommend that you download these Flac versions, it will be superior, lossless quality, without the compression and frequency clipping of mp3. You can burn the CD and then always make mp3s from it yourself. Simply convert the flacs into CD format (aiff in Mac, wav in PC) with MacFlac or Trader's Little Helper (PC). And it will be suitable to be traded to other live music collectors if you want to start collecting live recordings- if you try to trade CDs burnt from mp3s, they will know. If you just want something for the ipod or harddrive, by all means stick with mp3, but you can never regain that lost quality once it's gone. These Flacs should be available for about a month.

And don't forget to head over to the great new Things Chris Recorded blog to pick up of Montreal's show from Sunday, Nov. 4 in Dallas. It's uncut, but it is available in both mp3 and Flac.


  1. Thanks for the mp3's!!
    There's one mistake in the SF show. track 6, Hello from inside a shell, cannot be downloaded. it would be great if you can fix that.

  2. hi, thanx for the songs. I love of Montreal and I love this website.
    by the way I can't download Labyrinthian Pomp from the San Antonio gig. I would be very happy if you could fix that.
    with love,