Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hollywood Bowl Reviews

Who would have thought 2 years ago, 5 years ago or 10 years ago that of Montreal would one day play to 15.000 people at the Hollywood Bowl? I, for one, never saw it coming, and the significance of the event didn't really strike me before it was already over. (that is because I'm slow, but please bear with me) - yes, they didn't headline, and this was part of KCRW's world music festival (making the very valid point that any kind of music is world music after all), but the facts are undeniable, this is going to be of Montreal's most documented performance (knocking last October's Roseland Ballroom show off the the top spot). You wouldn't think of "predictable" as a word that applies to the band's psyche, but you'd be wrong : it was very predictable that they'd manage to turn such a possibly impersonal event into something they will always cherish : and this time, they did it with dogs, Janelle, and a marriage proposal! (this was Hollywood, after all) - on behalf of every Booty Patroller, I wish the two lovebirds (Dottie & Nick, in case you haven't heard yet) a wonderfully wild and long life together.
So before you are all treated to the Booty Patrol's own review of oM's crazy Californian weekend, here are a few of the most interesting reviews that can be found around the net :

The NME now refers to Kevin as a "frontgod," which is funny since the NME always turned a very cold shoulder on of Montreal, and hardly ever mentioned them at all until this year. The NME also posted a video of the marriage proposal.

The LA Times' special reporter was one of the few who were left unconvinced by of Montreal's set, claiming that "its circus-like hysterics and verbose lyrics didn’t seem to capture the audience." Judging by the comments section, the guy is getting chastised by angry oM fans (and people who didn't know the band beforehand, but left eager to find out more about them), so feel free to make it worse for him and send your hate mail accordingly. Save some of your scorn for LA Weekly, who called the band "[a] merely (...) capable and above-average guitar band." You've got to be kidding me.

Other notable reviews : Variety, Soundbleed, and of course Rolling Stone.

Picture by whoever wrote this review.
No white horse this time around, just two dogs...


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  2. How well can you see performers from the superseats (J1 row 20) at the Hollywood Bowl?

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