Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Win 2 tickets for the Fox Theater Show!

Nothing to do with me, but 7x7.com just posted a competition and the prize is two tickets to see of Montreal (and Townhallers and Booty Patrollers armed with balloons!) at the Fox Theater! Hurry up and grab them : all you have to do is comment on their article and tell them what's your favorite oM song and why... Can't get any simpler than that!

(don't you love how they say that the band is almost 11 years old, and how Kevin kept their indie roots "in tact." Someone needs to go back to elementary school!)


  1. I think this is the winning answer :

    "My favourite song is probably Psychotic Feeling. It's a real oddity of a song, since it never appeared on an LP and I believe was only on a compilation album(Polyvinyl's What To Do With Everything). It seems to represent the mind set of Kevin Barnes during the Hissing Fauna sessions quite well. Yet it doesn't fit the rest of the album at all. The emotion of the lyrics (Which, by the way, gets bonus points for having a Yellow Wallpaper reference in it) and the way Kevin sings in that song just hits your quite hard. It brings out a lot of things dealing with heartbreak and trying to understand another human being that I think we all deal with eventually in our lives. And really dealing with ourselves when we're with another. It's a beautiful song about going crazy, it really is. All of his songs about the divorce with Nina have a lot of heart in them, but this one seems to shine above all the rest. I can't listen to the song without thinking about things going on in my on life, and feel like Kevin is just singing everything I feel sometimes."