Thursday, May 20, 2010

Upcoming Tour, New Drummer

In an interview with Quickdfw, Bryan revealed that the lineup had changed since their last tour. Their last show at Columbia University had been quite conspicuously drumless and Jameyless, and now it turns out that Clayton Rychlik has taken over drumming duties. To be perfectly honest I had never heard of him, and a quick google search revealed that he's a member of Tallahassee's experimental jazz band the Arch Trio, and that he also used to be in a band called Langtry.
Beeps gave a couple of other interviews, with the Columbia Tribune and Vox Magazine, talking about the upcoming tour, False Priest, and his Wings cover band.

Also, and in case you've missed Kevin's gazillion tweets about it, Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid came out earlier this week, and it features a collaboration with oM called Make The Bus, which (in my opinion) sounds just like a simplified version of something that could have ended up on Skeletal Lamping. Anyway, it's got a chorus that is sure to invade each of your neuron. The album is getting great reviews from basically every paper/magazine/blog (scoring an amazing 93 points on metacritic) and for once The Booty Patrol agrees with critics, but if you're still not convinced it's worth buying, you can stream the whole album on Janelle's myspace.

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