Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two new interviews

1) Kevin on Land of Nod Experiment :

Not a lot to go on in this interview, but it's got to be the first one in about a month, so it's worth its own post. Or maybe not... but still, people of Michigan, rejoice, because the band will be debuting four new songs (not sure if that's four totally new songs or if it includes those that have been around for about a year and a half now) this weekend, and you'll also be introduced to new band members (still not quite the 10-piece band that was announced, but we're getting there).
Kevin also confirms that False Priest will be less fragmented and a return to a more traditional pop/rock song format, which will probably please a lot of people but kind of bums me out.

Check out the whole interview at

2) Davey @ Evolved Weirdness.
A nice little chat with Davey that must have occured right after their last show in New Orleans (was that early June?) - mainly about of Montreal's live performances.
Find out where Davey gets his cool stage outfits there.

3) And don't forget of Montreal will be on Fallon with Solange playing a track from False Priest on July 29th. Set your VCRs.


  1. New Orleans show was May 23

  2. my bad, it was late May and not early June. Still close enough? :)