Friday, July 30, 2010

of Montreal on Fallon

In case you missed it last night (or never had the chance to watch it in the first place), here's "Sex Karma" live on Jimmy Fallon (many thanks to MrSquig for the rip).

(thanks to Tom who informed me the link was down - though not from where I live...
Here's the re-up, but the groovy outro is missing and I've no idea why, in the meantime, you can download the whole video and mp3s of the two songs they performed.)

The band (now an 8-piece apparently, not counting Solange), also recorded Coquet Coquette on the set.

Still want more? Head over to the Burlington Free Press website for an interview with Kevin. For those of us who are a little bit worried about False Priest getting hijacked by Jon Brion, the good news is that apparently not that much was done in LA, apart from adding real drums and "improving" the sound, though I'm not quite sure how anything could sound better than Skeletal Lamping to human ears.


  1. no offense to solange but i don't like anyone with the last name of knowles messing with my indie. i'm super weary of this new album because of it and i know plenty of others that feel the same. i realize that all artists want to grow and change but when you add a mainstream name, you also add an entirely new crowd of douchebags that no longer make shows enjoyable for the ones that were at the shows that no one wanted to go to.

  2. I know a lot of you/us feel this way. I don't think she did that much on False Priest apart from that one song, which sounded ok on Fallon, and I like the idea of a female voice on an oM album... and it's not like there's a collab on every song. Plus it's a little unfair to judge people based on their siblings, don't you think? :)
    As for douchebags at shows, I'm afraid it's already been the case for a while... I don't like peeps who puke on my shoes and elbow me in the ribs but I'm not going to let them ruin it for me either. :)

  3. Didn't you say you deleted a comment someone made about not liking Nina's artwork? So people aren't allowed to express themselves anyway...seems like if you're a fan of the band, you better goddamn well like everyone who's friends with them too or you won't be able to give your opinions. I mean I understand censoring people who bash just for the sake of bashing someone else, but the censorship of normal debate has been there all along.

  4. It is true that I didn't allow that comment to go through, but "she sucks," posted by Anonymous doesn't really help the "debate." It's the only comment I ever trashed. What can I say, it rubbed me the wrong way. On the other hand, I published comments that said that so-and-so was disappointed by the new songs or whatever... If you want completely uncensored debate, there's always the Townhall. (I'm sure you're a regular, since that's the only place where I mentioned rejecting the comment)
    I'm not sure if you're commenting about the first anonymous comment or about my "banner censorship" "essay", but the truth is I find it very disappointing to see that (a) a sense of humour is the most overrated virtue (as Mr. Haines would have it), and (b) some people are only there to give you a hard time when you supposedly fuck up... Also, contrary to whoever thought Nina sucked, everybody knows where to find me and I take my responsibilities when I sign my posts.
    Also (c) censorship is fine when I'm in charge. :o

  5. please fix the video I missed the fallon performance!

  6. I'll try to find another link but NBC (or whatever) must be shutting them off or something. If need be I'll re-up it as a zip file or something.

  7. Fixed - but the video quality is quite crappy now. :/

  8. Someone on youtube referred me to this blog to get the entirety of "Sex Karma" performed on Fallon. If you're reading this, thanks so much! Also, thanks to those who posted it. Silly NBC for taking it down! I don't get Hulu in Canada.

    I wish Of Montreal would release live albums because their live performances are often better than the album versions, unlike most bands.

  9. @Muldfeld : it was me! The Booty Patrol advertising the Booty Patrol. :) I don't get the chance to stream anything either (I live in France), so I feel you.

    I don't think there are any live albums coming up, but a double live DVD is in the works, with the San Francisco show from October 2007 and the Atlanta one from November 2008.
    But if you want good quality and full live shows, you can download quite a few from our downloads page :
    I think I have about 25 full shows available right now.

  10. Thanks so much. I was lucky to read your post; the whole video along with the comments were taken down the next day!

    I'm glad a live DVD is going to be made; that's great news. Honestly, I find the audiences -- with all their talking during songs, obsessively jutting cell phones and cameras in front of my view so I can't see, and general screaming "whoo" and singing along -- hard to take. I want to enjoy the performances in all their unique subtlety, not hear the obnoxious people trying to get noticed. So, a live DVD with softer crowd sounds is great for me. Do you have any idea when it's coming out?

    I heard about some European Tour film by the band, but can't find it for sale. What happened to that?