Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 days in the life of Kevin Barnes

Just found out about this through Polyvinyl (shows how much I care about what's going on in my own country) : Kevin has been blogging for Le Grand Bazart (what is it with French magazines and their lame plays-on-words for title?) since the beginning of the tour (apparently it's a 7-day stint), and even better, they've made the original versions available for the whole world to understand.

  1. September 13th : of Parliament
  2. September 14th : of Death & Literature Nobel Prize winners.
  3. September 15th : of chess & mosquito repellent.
  4. September 16th : of sharks & merlions.
  5. September 17th : of David & Art.
  6. September 18 : of Hermes & MJ.
  7. September 19th : of volley ball & goulds.

More love from France came in the guise of an in-depth five-page-long interview published in Les Inrockuptibles last week, but this time you have to reactivate your French, or try the google translation, if you are brave enough.

The new Blurt magazine has a pretty long article featuring both Janelle and Kevin, but it's nearly impossible to read on janelle's official website, so we'd all be thankful for good quality scans!

Check out the really cool slideshow of the Buffalo show :

Pictures by Ben Jay! Thanks.

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