Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tour kick-off, new interviews

of Montreal kicked off their national tour on Monday night at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, and Spin was already there to review it. Unfortunately, they seem to have caught the band on an off night, while Janelle Monae shone like the sun (and the stars, and the violet moon), and are already predicting that the "tour that will surely end with her as a headliner." Well, I'll be damned. Admittedly, quite a few fans seemed to have been let down by the performance, too, so you can't just write it off as music critics hating on the band again. of Montreal's performances are always going to be pretty polarizing events, so be sure to listen to the NPR stream below (recorded the night after - and even though there are a few dead moments - compared to the Ninjas Prove It tour, which was basically 100 minutes non-stop - nothing there could make you think the night before deserved such a write off), experience the show for yourself, and share your comments with us.

Now for another round of interviews : Cincinnasty's City Beat just posted one that isn't particularly interesting (but I'm sharing anyway), and Detroit's Metro Times have a somewhat better one up, with Kevin reminiscing about his growing up in Michigan, and offering a pretty optimistic view of our "post-race society."

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  1. I don't know what happened Monday, but I was at the Tuesday night show at the 9:30 club and it was AMAZING. Great crowd, great performances from both Janelle and of Montreal.