Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black Lion Massacre is coming...

... and it wants to put your ears to the test... And make your heart race... And bring you to the very edge of sanity. Check out the video of Montreal shared with the rest of the world a few moments ago and let us know if you survived.

So now the question becomes : are these two minutes and forty-nine seconds of Metal Machine Music going to be on The Controller Sphere? Or is it just for show? Is this the studio version of the music they were playing before the fish/killing machine showed up on stage? (actually that's three questions)


  1. Excellent video, riveting music.

    See you all in Madison April 15th!

  2. well in the live version of black lion massacre there were these awesome messed up lyrics... something about masturbating on the front lawn. I dont think this is Black lion massacre at least not the whole thing at least. Either way I'm ready for it!

  3. I guess Kevin Barnes is old enough to have seen The Entity...