Friday, March 4, 2011


So it is indeed going to be thecontrollersphere in just one word! But it looks like much more than just an EP - 5 tracks, 23 minutes, a shirt and a book by David! All this will be yours for $60. And that includes instant mp3 download (extra points for those who can guess what I am doing right now!) - for those of you who are still unsure, they are giving away Black Lion Massacre.

Click the image below to check out all the goodies and decide what bundle is right for you - if you just want the music, that'll cost you a mere $7 :

David also shot a video to promote his book :

and he updated his website - you can take a look at the book - some of it seems to feature previous of Montreal artwork, but most of it is brand new. It all looks rather fantastic.

EDIT : The video David posted is not a one-off promotional video, it is part of an ongoing project. He will share a video on a weekly basis, so make sure you subscribe to his channel. Thanks to Dottie for clearing this up.


  1. my name is Tim and i love love love thecontrollersphere where can i get more?? interviews? lyrics for dummies? acoustic/alternate versions? discussion board? i want more!! was it really recorded at the same time as the False Priest tracks? its so different! I like it! its more like Skeletal Lamping and Icons, Abstract Thee

  2. i like it a lot too!
    I'm putting together the lyrics... I'll post them soon. All the other lyrics are already on the blog...
    All the interviews are on the interview archives page (click on the button on the left hand side of the main blog page) - they're searchable by theme, too.
    The Elephant 6 townhall is the official forum, so you can register there and join us.
    And the downloads page has about 30 live recordings for fans to download, so help yourself! We're also on youtube, with tv shows and live shows and video interviews. All the links are on the left hand side of the blog, just click away!