Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Q Magazine Q&A with Kevin Barnes

Here's a great interview that should keep you psyched about the new record (and the next one) and tour.


  1. The interviewer mentions the tour with "hopefully more dates to follow," do you think they will add more dates (specifically US dates)? I know that isn't a comment, but I thought I would try.

  2. Well, there will probably b more US dates in the fall, but Q is a British magazine that's eager to announce European dates. We're still waiting on these.

  3. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Kevin should stop kicking himself over the T-Mobile thing. It's not as if we don't understand the need to make some money. It was like a gag...nobody took it seriously or judged them for it. And for the record: oM will likely always fall under the radar; Americans generally have seriously shitty taste in (commercial) music. Not many are willing to put the time in for a band like oM, though they are more than worth the investment. Paralytic Stalks sounds so cinematic and amazing. Kevin will soon be recognized as the song-writing genius that he is. It's about time.