Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spin feature

Spin Magazine got Kevin to talk about each song on Paralytic Stalks. You'll see that there are songs that are not about what you think they were about, and I know someone who will be thrilled to know that Dour Percentage might actually be about Jamey.
This piece is quite fascinating as it is as close as we'll ever get to the creative process. Let Kevin walk you through the album. It will definitely enhance your listening experience and for those who still have doubts, it might even help you fall in love with Paralytic Stalks.

An interview in Spanish was also posted on Chilango today, but I'm going to need a volunteer translator for this one if I'm ever to make sense of it (it doesn't seem like it's got any kind of revelation, but if there was one I might not pick up on it).
Arts & Craft in Mexico will also be hosting a listening party / online chat with Kevin on Friday. RSVP on facebook.


  1. That interview is really good. He reveals a lot about how he is feeling and how he is using the creative process to justify his existence but he is only ever temporarily satisfied. He revealed a lot about how the new stage show will be like a personalized experience for each song in which the effects will be a compliment and symbiotic piece for each individual number. At one point early on he said something incredibly beautiful about how he only wrote what came directly from his heart with this new album. Any way, a lot of good stuff in there and I can read spanish well so let me know if you have any questions about certain things because this was a kick ass interview!

  2. I have a google translation, but if you're up for a real, human translation I could then add to the interview archive, it'd be fantastic!
    Thanks for your abstract :)

  3. Google translate can be wack! If I get some free time in the next couple of days I'll make a translation. Where should I send it?

  4. Okay, I got working on it and I just need to proof it a bit so it is as good as done! Just lemme know where to send.

  5. Okay, a chat with Londoners, and now one in Mexico. No listening parties in NYC? No U.S. chat? I hope they're doing some radio here; getting some in-studio live tracks would be wonderful.

    EVERYBODY, go and buy this amazing LP!