Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching up on interviews

As the tour reaches the West Coast and L.A. today, here's a look at the interviews that were published over the past couple of weeks :

  • Wired (UK) has a short feature about the board game that you can read on their website, unfortunately, to read the whole interview, you need to get your hands on a magazine, and I sure would if I lived in Britain. So if you are reading this from the other side of the Channel, do us a favor, grab a copy and scan it!

  • El Paso Inc. posted a 5-question interview with Kevin on March 14th. You may not learn anything new, but here's your abstract. The El Paso Times posted a more in-depth feature, but it looks like they did not get an interview with anyone from the band and had to settle with the promoter, some guy from AOL Music, and they also lifted quotes from other articles. But let's be positive, it is actually a good read.

  • Australian magazine Rave also features a relatively short article that mainly focuses on people's reaction to Exorcismic Breeding Knife and Kevin's state of mind.

  • Look At OKC posted an article prior to the band's stop in Oklahoma City, in which Kevin got the chance to explain what to expect from the new live show.

  • The Houston Press interview is possibly the best one of the bunch : articulate questions that haven't been asked 10.000 times before and honest answers.

  • Under The Radar also did a great job with this article, as it doesn't only dwells on Paralytic Stalks but sheds some light on earlier recordings and how tied to Kevin's personal life they are.

  • Another Australian publication called The Music (not to be confused with the awful British band of the same name!) reviewed of Montreal's performance at the Waterloo Records showcase during SXSW : "It feels less like they are playing, and more like there are just eight anarchists up on stage randomly strumming instruments and hitting things." It certainly isn't the feeling I got watching the webcast or listening to the mp3s, but maybe they actually mean the set was amazing. Who knows?

  • Creative Loafing also covered one of of Montreal's Florida shows, and while the reviewer didn't seem convinced, he still snapped great pictures, so it's worth clicking here.

  • Last but not least, LA Weekly just posted a comprehensive interview that runs over the course of 4 pages : Kevin gets the chance to introduce Zach Cowell and Kishi Bashi, to talk very candidly and truthfully about depression, why touring is as importing to him as recording, and also professes his love for Skrillex (the haircut as a tribute?).

And here's an acoustic rendering of She's A Rejecter from SXSW.

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  1. Wow...Rejector works surprisingly well as an acoustic track; it's even moodier and more dejected somehow. Love it. Thanks for posting this!