Sunday, November 18, 2012

2 interviews and a cover

It's been a big week for of Montreal (who would have thought?) After the announcement of the kickstarter campaign, Kevin started promoting the upcoming tour by giving a couple of interviews. The first one I found was in the Miami New Times and is mainly concerned with songwriting from the very beginning to the latest album. At the very end of the interview, Kevin mysteriously informs us that next year he will be taking two weeks off "somewhere" to "[be] in this place writing, which I've never done before." So what is he going to write he's never written before? A book of poems? A novel? An essay about the current situation in the Middle East? The Buzzine interviewer took a different approach and asked about the band as a performing entity, from the early days up to the latest tours via the A Polinaire Rave comedy shows, emphasizing the lack of democratic input from other band members.* And on Friday, Kevin (with the help of Nina for the simple and soothing visuals, I guess) unleashed a very nice version of the Beach Boys' Little Bird. Check it out below!

If you want to compare it with the original, you can find it here on youtube - if you don't live in France, that is, because I'm only getting this :
~~~~~~ * Nov. 20th edit You can also watch the Buzzine interview if reading isn't your thing. ;)


  1. Christine, I think the "which I've never done before" part relays to the fact he's going away for two weeks for the exact purpose of writing, what he will be writing is new music, as far as I understand it.

    1. Interesting... I have been led to believe there might be some work of fiction on the way... Reading it again, I see your point.