Tuesday, December 4, 2012

KB 1 - BP 2

Kevin scored the first goal by answering the Austinist's questions and revealing that the next album might sound like "outlaw country, folk music, and kind of older, mountain music, all that stuff." I see you smile and shake your head, but he's been "almost sort of training myself to move in this move in this new direction." So wipe that smirk off your face and get ready for OMM.7. Bryan then tied the game with an interview that reveals what happened during the first leg of the SPITA tour in 2004... and scored a second goal by wearing a costume that screams "outlaw country." Game over. In the end BP always wins.

The video was shot right before the band headed off for tour last week, and may be included in Song Dynasties if the project ever gets funded. 8 days to go, 80% funded. Head over to kickstarter to pledge, or pledge a little bit more if you have already pledged. Just don't buy your little cousin that crappy made in China plastic toy for Christmas and re-invest the 10 bucks in of Montreal, then use your ten fingers to make that kid something cheap and cool!

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