Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2nd single off Skeletal Lamping

We now know for sure that it will be "An Eluardian Instance."
Quite an obvious choice, don't you think? It definitely is the most radio-friendly (some would say ear-friendly!) song on Skeletal Lamping... What remains to be seen is whether the little part that draws the song to its conclusion on the album will be on the single version too...

The An Eluardian Instance EP is now available for pre-order on PolyVinyl records, and amazingly enough it doesn't feature An Eluardian Instance per se, but two remixes by Jon Brion and three different versions of Gallery Piece.
The CD or 12" EP (+ download code) will ship on January 16th, but there is no talk of the real in-store release date yet...

An Eluardian Instance EP (2009)

Track Listing

1. First Time High (Reconstructionist Remix of "An Eluardian Instance")
2. First Time High (Of Chicago Acoustic Version)
3. Gallery Piece (Remix)
4. Gallery Piece (Long Version)
5. Gallery Piece (Instrumental)

On a related note, the band will be playing An Eluardian Instance on the Late Show With David Letterman on December 18th.

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