Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did We Mention We Rule The School Now?

We had no choice. If you didn't hear at the Townhall, we've added a new member, and thought we'd take a post to officially announce it. Her obsessiveness and news-gathering is rabid, she has more free time than QG or FP, and her work for Fire Zuave, intercontinental touring schedule, and general coolness left us with no doubt that well-known Townhall member I Rule The School was needed here. Sometime hopefully soon we'll update something or other around this place, but until then, a round of applause (and some glitter maybe) please for I Rule The School... if she can hear it over the intercontinental jets.


  1. I just landed and even though jetlag is a bitch I think that ringing in my ears may be that long-overdue round of applause. ;-D