Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tis The Season

As the Ninjas Prove It tour drew to an end, tapers from all the over the country decided to break out the expensive gear and gave us some early Christmas/Hanoukah/whatever-rocks-your-boat presents...

--> Dallas, House of Blues - 2008/11/14.

--> Fort Lauderdale, Revolution - 2008/12/06. Disk One and Disk Two. (a somewhat different show... not in terms of setlist, but the general atmosphere and a few lyrical changes here and there...)

--> For both New York shows (The Roseland Ballroom back in October and the Williamsburg one from Dec. 16th), please visit the wonderful folks at NYC Taper.

--> Soon to come, thanks to Creative Loafing, the recording of the Ritz Ybor show. The Fiery Furnaces show was also taped that night so it should be posted at some point too. You really want to check it out!

--> Also, remember the stripped down Paris show from October 15th? I sure do...

--> The Philadelphia Halloween show was taped too.


  1. Paris show not available?

  2. Hm. Sorry about that, we'll look into it.

  3. Paris show back on! I had mistyped the link. :-O