Friday, February 20, 2009


Rounding up our Honolulu special, here are three more interviews/articles...

Jamey shares his thoughts on the new tour and his solo project.

of Montreal @ the Venue, Gainesville, Fl.
Jamey on stage in Gainesville, Florida - 2008-12-05

The Honolulu Advertiser tried to interview some homegrown of Montreal fans this week, but apparently didn't find any ("we overestimated of Montreal's Honolulu following because if there is one, we didn't encounter it.") and came up with a pretty weird idea and penned a quick primer to of Montreal instead. Oh well. They followed up their article with a review of Skeletal Lamping, which is somewhat bizarre as the album was released 6 months ago.

We will keep you posted on the new setlist for the tour but so far the only thing we heard through the grapevine is that a new song is being premiered.

EDIT : not a new song, actually, but "Tender Fax" - a song by of Montreal's side-project, Instant Witch, which is "a democratic of Montreal," with everyone involved in the songwriting process. A live recording of the song (live at Rothbury 2008 is available on our downloads page)

Full setlist of the Feb 19th Pomona show (thanks to AceAzzamen at the Townhall) :
We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling
Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider
And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow
Gronlandic Edit
Sink The Seine
Cato As A Pun
Tender Fax
Beware Our Nubile Miscreants
An Eluardian Instance
She's A Rejector
Heimsdalgate Like A Promethean Curse
October Is Eternal
Id Engager

Encores :
Requiem For OMM2
American Girl (Tom Petty)
The Party's Crashing Us
A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger
The Repudiated Immortals

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