Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watch of Montreal's Utrecht performance!

I have to admit, I'm starting to think that the Dutch are godlike creatures sent from above... Not only did Fabchannel stream the Paradiso performance, 3voor12 now posted the full video of the Utrecht set, warts'n'all! (and a lot more warts than usual...)

of Montreal @ Tivoli, Utrecht - 2009-01-23

Unfortunately the Booty Patrol hasn't been able to find a way to embed this, so click here, sit back and enjoy!


  1. In the break before the Encores, some fans are shouting "Vive le Quebec Libre!" (Free Quebec!) and "Je me Souviens" (I remember) which are political slogans you might be shouting at a band from Montreal, Canada ... I broke in hysterics.

    Mario (FROM Montreal)

  2. You're right! And I thought I was the only French person in Utrecht that day... Apparently not!
    A lot of people were actually asking us if we were from Canada... I guess someone got confused because Kevin says "au revoir" after Kongsvinger, so all of a sudden it makes sense to get political if you have a French-speaking frontman for a band called of Montreal. :-)

  3. Hasn't anybody noticed that Kevin was completely blitzed beyond sensibility throughout the show? That must happen to a lot of bands that come through the Netherlands on tour. Bummer!

  4. Yeah i agree, to my ears, this was a really bad performance, and i'm stunned by the positive feedback that has been posted around the net..

  5. Who's going to the oF Montreal show tonight? Because I know I am!