Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Drowned In Sound interview

Here is part two of the seemingly never-ending Kevin interview...
This time John Brainlove asked him about :

--> politics ("I feel like we need watchdogs that are gonna make corporations protect their employees and regulate products so we don't get products that hurt people.")

--> of Montreal's live shows, and the drummer vs. backing track debate.

--> The Skeletal Lamping collection, the reviews the record got.

--> his new musical direction ("But what I wanna do now is really create something a bit more esoteric, that's the direction I'm going in, that's what I'm excited about. More textural, more atmospheric, still with lyrics, for me at least it's good to have lyrics, that's interesting, and then musically what has developed so far is like a controlled chaos, things rising up for a moment and taking your attention then being overtaken by something else...")

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