Monday, January 26, 2009

New Links and Interviews

Every new interview and/or article is now archived as soon as we find out about them in our interview section (that's on the left of the screen, if you're computerly-challenged and blog-clueless), but in case you're not one to check out the links and just want a quick of Montreal fix, we'll try and make this a regular feature of the blog... A "what's new this week?" kind of thing...

* Dottie's top albums of 2008

* Unashamedly high-brow publication The New Yorker tries to make sense of of Montreal.

* European interviews :
Before the anticipated Button Factory show in Dublin (who knows why the place left such a powerful imprint on the of Montreal psyche...), Irish blog [words] Sweet Oblivion [music] You posted a pretty lengthy interview of Kevin. interviewed Kevin sometime before the Franz Ferdinand opening spot.

ITN posted a video interview of Kevin, and an acoustic performance.

As the band is trying to break into the European "market", the Booty Patrol would like to know what you peeps would think of non-English links? Il y-a-t'il des Francais parmi nous? Germans? Dutch? Italians? Poles? Danes? Spiders from Mars? Anyway, comment and let us know.


  1. Hey there! I commented after your comment on my blog but said I'd pop in here in case ye didn't check back. It was a phone interview unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Kevin face to face - maybe I'll be lucky tomorrow :) Also I'm a girl, ha ha! it's the weird spelling name (it's pronounced Ee-fa) that gets people confused ;)
    Love your blog, I can't wait to have a good look around it!

  2. I did check back on your blog, Aoife!
    Let us know how the Dublin show went. :-D

  3. hey! I put up a little blog about the show if you wanna have a look :) Needless to say it was amazing.
    They looked like they were having a ball and the whole thing was fantastic - they did a cover of 'Teen Spirit' to finish off the encore and there was even an attempt at stavediving (more like stage-sitting ;) ) from Kevin - while covered in shaving foam! I was really hoping 'Grotesque Animal' would be played but sadly not -setlist was fantastic though, didn't deviate too much from other gigs. Opened with 'She's a Rejecter'.
    If you're talking to any of the oM crew tell 'em we want them back here soon!!

  4. They had fun in Dublin but apparently they thought Belfast was better... Obviously everyone want them back - the lucky folks of NYC will get three consecutive nights in April. Makes me wanna move there.