Sunday, January 25, 2009

European Setlist & Settricks

As promised in December, the C.C.A.A. Booty Patrol has been working on special treats for their European audience and are putting on their most elaborate show ever on this side of the big pond. Or the other side of the big pond, depending on where you stand.
Among the different things that American fans haven't seen yet (and quite possibly won't get to see, ha, see how it feels?), a handful of new outfits (including the pretty amazing Smoking Caveman - which I'm afraid will get PETA quite angry with the band again as this fur looks quite real to me), a skit involving body socks, a newly appointed Cardinal delivering blessings, a satyr with a red pentagram painted on his chest, and some new videos (including a psychedelic Jesus on the cross animation which I had never seen before).
As for the music (let's not forget about it), the setlist has been quite heavily reworked and doesn't focus as much on Skeletal Lamping material. Encores usually consist in a smorgasbord of covers.

Smoking Caveman :

of Montreal @ Botanique, Brussels - 2009/01/22

The band has just finished their 3-day tour of the Benelux, and are now giving it to England, Scotland and Ireland, before a final 3-day Tour de France. See our tour dates section for exact location, and click on the links to find out if you can still score some tickets.

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