Monday, May 4, 2009

New Downloads Available

Just letting you ravenous fans out there know that the Booty Patrol got its hands upon a few live recordings that, as far as I am concerned, are not available anywhere anymore. Thanks to Freek for contacting us with his pretty impressive list of recordings.

I am just done uploading a show from March 2006, which features interesting early versions of tracks that wound up on Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? and a cover of the Kinks' Tired Of Waiting For You, among other goodies.

Next up in the days to come, of Montreal's set at the Golden Plains festival earlier this year and, perhaps more importantly, their set in Emmaboda back in 2001... that is the Swedish festival of The Past Is A Grotesque Animal fame! Feel free to let your mind wander and re-enact the Story of the Eye discussion that took place that day.

Just make sure you check out the downloads page regularly... I am actually adding things on there! If no-one grabs them in 3 months they get deleted and I have to do it all over again. Maybe we should start a fund - it would only take 50 people to give one buck a year to ensure the recordings stay where they are... What do you say?

I'm signing off with a cool video of Gronlandic Edit, filmed in Rothbury last year.

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  1. ooh, thanks for mentioning my name :)

    but to make clear: none of them were taped by me, so thanks to all the people who taped all these and put them up somewhere on the internet!