Wednesday, May 13, 2009

of Montreal featured in Rolling Stone

Coming up in this month's issue of Rolling Stone (American edition), an acoustic performance, including "Teenage Unicorn Fisting" that the band performed for RS's Smoking Section blog. The link appears to be inactive as of today, so I can't really say if there are several songs, if there's going to be a video, or just an audio stream... Actually, I can't tell you anything but : bookmark the page and check back regularly!
I'm getting the feeling that Teenage Unicorn Fisting is actually Like A Tourist (previously known as Wet Butcher's Fist, if I'm not mistaken) with a new fancy name.

EDIT : The video is now up. Like A Tourist it is. And nothing else. In that case, you have to wonder why they said it "included" this song. It IS this song. I hate Rolling Stone.


EDIT #2 : OK, so I was mistaken, "Wet Butcher's Fist" is actually "Coquet Coquet" and not "Like A Tourist / Teenage Unicorn Fisting." Thanks to Matthew for clearing that up.

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