Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bonnaroo video and audio

Hats off to MozzaC for taping his third of Montreal show this year, and once again for sharing it with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the band's set was marred by technical difficulties and poor sound quality, and the recording reflects that. You've been warned!! That being said, of Montreal premiered a new song, tentatively called "Girl Named Hello" (41 minutes into the set, if you want to jump straight to it), and even though you can't really hear half of the lyrics, or the keyboards at all, it gives you a very rough idea of what it may sound like on record. Check out Mozza's other Bonnaroo recordings!

For a better sound, there's always nemi doonam's video - it is the same one that streamed on Sunday afternoon, so it's unfortunately not the full set, but the 40 first minutes, and it doesn't include the new song nor The Past Is A Grotesque Animal.


Kevin in Paris (Oct. 15th, 2008), prancing about in an outfit (or lack of) that would have been more appropriate for summer in Tn.

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