Thursday, June 4, 2009

of Montreal on NPR's World Cafe

of Montreal recorded a World Café session while in Philadelphia last month. The show will be broadcast tomorrow, but what with it being NPR, it has to be very complicated otherwise it's just not fun, right? So head over to their schedule and figure out for yourself on which local station and when you will get a chance to hear it. If you are not a US resident, head to XPN's website and work your way through the maze.
Otherwise you can subscribe to their podcast and *fingers crossed* get the show straight to your iTunes in a little while.
Bless super kick-ass tour manager/bass-playing pig Michael for the heads-up. You can read his original post at the Townhall and see if his explanations make more sense than mine.


Michael (as a pig) sharing the stage with of Montreal and the Pecan Sandies. Pictures by I Rule The School.

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