Friday, June 26, 2009

Jamey interview

Jamey was interviewed backstage at Sasquatch! festival (apparently by some college kid, as part of his journalism end-of-the-term exam or whatever...), and the mp3 of the interview can be found here. It is quite insightful, and a very enjoyable listen (if you can get past the very annoying beeeeps that occur every 30 seconds or so). Jamey discusses the most shocking thing they ever did on stage (and it may not be what you think), what it's like to adapt Kevin's songs to a live setting, how the guy who wrote the review of their show and who thought it was Nietzschean was completely wrong, and also his solo album and the upcoming shows (I heard the words "super group" and now I'm all excited...).
I am hoping that a transcript of this interview will eventually show up on some website, or in Boise State's college newspaper, so if any of you of Montreal fans from Idaho happens to find it, please contact us. Otherwise I might have to do it myself.

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