Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Listen to "For Our Elegant Caste" remixed

Prefixmag has posted a streaming mp3 of the Depressed Buttons' attack on For Our Elegant Caste. The song has been beaten into pulp and doesn't sound anything like the original version - you won't recognize the hooks, the rhythm, or even Kevin's voice for that matter.
The Depressed Buttons actually are two guys from the Faint (Todd Fink and Jacob Thiele - I am not familiar with their names but I hope one of them is the sexy guitarist with the dazzling dance moves!) and if you've ever seen them live or heard one of their records, you won't be too surprised with the result.
Anyway, you can stream it here, and decide whether you like or not.

If you can spare 5 bucks, For Our Elegant Caste is available on blue or red vinyl from the Polyvinyl Store.

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