Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New setlist and new song

of Montreal embarked on what seems like the 52,258th leg of their tour in support of Skeletal Lamping on Monday.
Townhaller Mimi Merlot was in the audience (lucky her) and she had the great sense to take a picture of the setlist and to record the song they premiered that night.

Here is the setlist :


As for the video, the sound is, well, the kind of sound you can expect when you're standing in the front row and taping with a camera, but it still gives you an idea of what to expect. It doesn't seem to be a dramatic change from the Hissing Fauna / Skeletal Lamping material.

(I actually replaced Mimi's video by Buchanan's, which has a better sound quality)

The band also has new costumes, new theatrics, and a new stage setup which you can check out by clicking on the pictures below.

Picture by Chrissy Abbott for bmoremusicallyinformed.

Pictures by K. Wells.

And to round up our tour special, let it be know that oM's twitter has BP professing his love of home-baked cookies. Now you know how to make someone happy in NYC tonight. Go pre-heat that oven!


  1. yay i'll be there friday night. but minus home baked cookies.

  2. No cookies, no entry. That's the new policy. I have it on the highest authority.