Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Watch of Montreal's Portland, OR performance on Baeble Music.

Well, some of you may remember, either because you were there that night (November 20th, 2008), or because there had been speculations at the Townhall a few months ago (and a trailer featuring Davey was posted, too), but the Portland, OR show was indeed filmed and is now streaming from the Baeble Music site. Unfortunately, it is not the whole performance, but only 6 songs... So you won't see the Centaur, you won't see the saloon, or the Cardinal and his slutty nun, or the hanging, or the shaving cream coffin & feather blowers... Still, this should tide us all over until the elusive live DVD comes out.

Watch the full concert at

Many thanks to I Saw You On Your Bike over at the Townhall for the link.

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