Friday, April 3, 2009

Solo efforts and projects.

Well, things are so slow right now that it feels like the usually flamboyant and vibrant world of of Montreal is stuttering to a halt... Still a couple of noteworthy notes...

a) Ahmed's afro-psychedelic band, Sinkane, will have a new record out soon. Right now, it is available for pre-order at insound. If you were as impressed as we were by Ahmed's drumming and charisma during the Ninjas Prove It tour, give his album a try. It is said to be more structured than his last offering, but still features "bombastic percussion."

b) Jamey delved deeper into the world of Swedish indie pop and contributed to one track on Doctors & Dealers's new record. I have to hang my head in shame and say that I had never even heard of that band, but better late than never, as the saying goes. It turns out to be a pretty good effort, so you should also give it a try. You can download "The Odds Are On Our Side" (ft. Jamey) from Team Clermont. You can also get the whole album on emusic, or I guess iTunes or Amazon or at your local retailer.
Also keep in mind that the James Husband / of Montreal split 7" should be released anytime now. Check out
Happy Happy Birthday To Me's blog for more info. Also, the label is still running its "6 Elephant 6 CDs for 15 bucks" offer, and you'd be out of your minds not to take advantage of that. But once again, it's just my opinion...
And in other great James Husband news, we have it from the Man himself that "a full length official release is slated for Autumn 2009 on Polyvinyl."

c) There also looks like some amazing "side project" featuring one prominent member of the oM family (who shall remain nameless) is under way. But I will say no more and let you wonder what it's all about. Anticipation, they say, is the best part.

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