Thursday, April 16, 2009 tapes of Montreal again.

Something to look forward to this week : the nyctaper taped of Montreal again on Wednesday.
I don't know when the flac and mp3 files will be available, so keep checking their page regularly.

A couple of really small and innocuous interviews surfaced today : Kevin in the Courant, and Bryan in the Hartford Advocate.

I am now leaving you with two cool pictures from the Carrboro show, taken by ├╝ber-oM fan Kristen Wells.


  1. Was she using a flash? How inappropriate!

  2. I hope to have this up on the site by Monday night.

  3. I met you at Coco's in Covington, and I didn't realize who you were until the next day! :) I have some awesome pics from that night if you'd like to post them.

  4. Hey Lauren! Sorry I didn't see your comment before!
    If you want to share your pictures, you can send them to
    I'm trying to get a slideshow of the last tour together.