Monday, August 17, 2009

Bryan : "False Priest will be the summer and spring jam"

In true journo style, I'm totally taking a quote and putting it out of its contest. That's how dedicated and professional I am, kids!
Watch the interview below (which I thought I had posted a week ago, but apparently hadn't), and hear a sweaty and wingless Beeps talk about J.R. Richards, putting on a show that would impress Salvador Dali (next prop : a giant melting clock?), the size of Athens's dick (I thought it was about Oslo?), a couple of records being in the works and a Houston band you should check out called Ume ("sounds like Sonic Youth meets Blonde Redhead, with a bit of Joan Jett and Guns'n'Roses").
(August 25th edit : oops, forget about GnR - read the comments and get the real quote straight from the Man)


  1. i said she had a little
    joan jett "in the throat" not "guns n roses".
    and that's a good thing.

    it could be about oslo as well. just conjecture.

  2. In my defense, I wasn't too sure about the Guns'n'Roses part... Apparently I need a hearing aid, or a brain transplant... :-/