Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lollapalooza videos & reviews

Well, folks, another weekend, another festival, another kick-ass show... This time it was a teeny weeny bit rainy, so they had to throw in an inflatable raft, and, in keeping with Kevin's latest blog post, they (kind of) crucified some of the crew. (on oM's shopping list : two big wooden crosses, a dozen nails, more fake blood...)

Pictures by Nicole Buntsis (WindyCitizen).

This time Rolling Stone has a cool backstage/onstage video footage (including an a capella rehearsal of For Our Elegant Caste ft. Janelle & Kevin), and Illuminated (much indebted to you, girl!) captured the whole show and posted it there.

Reviewers, from Pitchfork to Spinner via VenusZine, seem pretty ecstatic, with a special mention to WindyCitizen, who either has the best memory in music writing, or managed to take pictures and notes during the show...

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Hear Dottie & Jamey reminisce about the e6 days and explain what kind of discussions they're having backstage before their shows...

Bryan on the e6 scene, the relationship between David & Kevin, playing the Hollywood Bowl...

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More interviews from Fuse. They are also running a Lollapalooza special this Saturday - but I don't know whether of Montreal's show will be on or not (that's in case you missed it first time around)

Hear Kevin and Bryan about music technicalities (ahem), festivals vs. clubs, and performing while trying to keep up with all the weird things happening in the background...

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