Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kevin in new Music Tapes video

The website that dares not speak its name posted the video for "For The Planet Pluto 3" by mi amor, the Music Tapes. Oh, I can hear you moan why the hell should I care... well, (a) it is a very good as-yet-unreleased song (I would put it up there with "Nomad Tell Us" and "Song For The Death Of Parents"), (b) the video is both silly and poignant and (c) Kevin plays the part of an anti-Pluto astronomy teacher (or something along those lines, you'll need to watch the video for it to make any sense, and even then...)

watch it there if the video isn't starting for you...

Thanks to Townhaller Abel for the link.

Pitchf**k also put The Past Is A Grotesque Animal at number 168 in their top 500 best songs of the 2000s (this is getting way worse than High Fidelity), right between "Southern Hospitality" by Ludacris and "The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack" by Liars. Go figure.
EDIT : Thanks to Marc for letting us know that P4K also had Disconnect the Dots on the list at number 260, between Sonic Youth's "Incinerate" and Neko Case's "I wish I was the Moon".

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