Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girl Named Hello at YANP

I have to admit my heart went thumpety-thumpy-thump-thump when I got Matt's twit about the new of Montreal, but it turns out to be "Girl Named Hello" - as performed at Bonnaroo. Still, considering the pretty bad quality of the recording that was posted here (or should I say the really bad sound they had on that one day?), I'm sure some of you never got to the new song, or you just missed the Bonnaroo bootleg post because, well, you actually were at Bonnaroo, or you had better things to do on that one day like learning wolof, or figuring out how many times you can punch a wall before actually breaking a bone, or one of your beloved cacti had just passed away and you went into zombie mode for a couple of days... Don't sweat it, You Ain't No Picasso just posted the mp3. Head over there to seehear what you've been missing, and while you're at it, read (or read again), Matt's review (and take a look at his excellent pictures, too). Live recordings of the other two new songs can be found on the downloads page (click on the button to your left)

Picture by Matt Picasso.

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