Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Townhall Down.

Most of you must have noticed that for the past two days, our dear Townhall has been unreachable. After investigation (an email to Sean Davidson, our fantastic administrator, that is), it turns out that the Townhall forgot to pay its bills. So don't panic, it should be back up momentarily.

If you need your e6 fix, you can always check out Optical Atlas, the new (and as of yet unfinished) Elephant 6 website, or the Townhall facebook group.

Oh, and by the way, there has been no of Montreal news to report, but Lollapalooza and the Free Summer Press Festival are looming up on the horizon. Stay tuned! Have fun!

Picture by Chloe Larson.
Oakland Fox Theater, 2009-07-24

EDIT : it was bound to happen : as soon as I posted this, the Townhall rose from its ashes...

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